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What is Hubient?

Hubient Group is an international media agency established in 2018. 

We specialize in providing opportunities for talents and aspiring artists.


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We help influencers and talents reach their potential by helping them  connect with like minded brands and collaborations.

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Brands will get their envisioned campaign brought to life as we carefully construct the perfect key elements to give them the optimum engagement. 

Our Services

Collaboration Process


We take time to identify & research your company to create the ultimate content to maximise engagement for your brand


Identify topic specific influencers who will help target your desired audience


Work with our influencers to create engaging on trend content to target consumers


Distribute content and take advantage of different social media platforms

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Our Talents Globally

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Influencer Media Kit Templates

An essential for all Influencers, a document that represents all the work you’ve done and your achievements, Hubient has created a template that ensures that your influencer kit represents you perfectly.
Completely customizable from colour, font, arrangement and images!
A media kit gives you the chance to represent yourself and create a branding that is authentic to you. With the increasing interactions and partnerships between brands and influencers, a media kit is more essential than ever before!

Want to support your favourite content creator?

Our Talents work hard to create and introduce engaging content for their audiences every week! Help them upgrade their vlogging gear, visit exciting places and more!