Viewers and followers are the building blocks to your success in streaming online. Without them, your channel will flop. Now, you’re probably asking “Is it hard to get followers?” Well yes, but not if you know what to do. If you want to gain more knowledge or tips on how to attain more followers, no worries Hubient is here to guide you.

Consistent following is sometimes hard to get. Some just give up and don’t try to care about posting anymore but that is just the thing. Having a huge following is always a match with having a content that is worth seeing. A true follower are real people who follows someone who cares about their brand and their passion. You still have a long way in order to reach your target goal but do not fret, here are the techniques and tips on how to capture more followers prepared by Hubient:

1. Work with High Quality Streaming Equipment 

You will need high quality equipment to acquire more followers. Having the highest video and audio resolution can have an impact on your output, which in turn can have a big hit on your views. You don’t need that pricey equipment at first as long as it works, but as long as you’re earning money from your job, you may start upgrading your equipment for greater outcomes. Now, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable store where you can buy high-quality devices, visit our Hubient Shop.

2. Use Social Media to Advertise Yourself

In order to gain more followers, it is necessary to have a high level of popularity. You may use social media to promote yourself and your channel, and you can also ask the support of friends and family. Think of creative ways to advertise yourself. Involve yourself with the trends and make use of funny memes that would attract more audience to see your content. Make a unique and appealing way to promote your streaming channel.

3. Stream Regularly

Consistency is the most important factor in achieving success. Make your own schedule and learn how to manage your time so you can schedule a particular and appropriate time to stream. Your viewers will know when to open their phones to see you and check if you set a schedule for your streaming. Don’t disappoint them, if they expect you to be live, then go live. If you can’t stream at the time you promised, you better post on your social media account to tell people so that they will not anticipate nothing.

4. Be Inclusive and Diverse

   Having an inclusive and diverse account for your audience will have an easy access and more understanding on what you represent. Being sensitive about your surroundings especially on social media is one of the easiest way of showing your care to your audiences. Adding closed captions or subtitles are one of those things that you can do. Recognize your brand, choose your models and images, make a plan to highlight your actions and your brand’s ongoing work in your social media strategy. Remember that your approach should focus on how you bring the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion to all of the work you do.

5. Interact with Your Audience

Remember that your audiences are watching you because they want some entertainment. So don’t let boredom eat them and worst case scenario, don’t add their boredom and problems. Find some ways to interact with them to make them smile and love you and your channel. Connecting to your audience will allow you to understand their reactions, wants, and needs. Try communicating with them online, respond to their comments, get them interested, give them a reason to listen and play with them which I will explain next.

6. Follow, Battle, Reward 

Be clever, we all know that rewards and prizes attract people. So take that as an advantage to gain more views. This is a simple way to get to a few dozens, few hundreds or even thousands of people who will not just see your product or brand, but will be eager to engage themselves if there’s a chance to win something, which in turn again increases your visibility. You can play with them 1v1 on a specific game you want or you can spectate on them while they’re battling. After that, congratulate them and give them prizes. Speaking of prizes, you can give them anything like load, cash, skins in a specific game, or even gadgets. These giveaways don’t have to be big or expensive, since a small treat can be rewarding already to your fans for as long as it’s interesting and cool enough.

7. Be Unique

Create your own name, a name which automatically means you. So that when people hear it, they’ll immediately know that it’s you. Owning your own unique character is the ultimate confidence booster. Being you is a “SWAG” meaning you’ve got that confidence to show the world your unique style. Think of some unique and creative contents, start your own trend, then we assure you that the next thing you’ll do is watching the number of your followers’ rise. Remember that your success exists in your own swag of being what you are and uniqueness makes “followers”.

That’s it! We do hope these tips will help you to achieve your goals. Never forget that Hubient will always be at your service.

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