HUBient Newsletter for the month of June!

Top 3 ANZ BIGO Hosts for the Month of May!

Top 1 – Princess Fifi
Top 2 – Stellabella
Top 3 – Kitty

Congratulations to Princess Fifi, Stellabella, and Kitty for winning their Official PKs and becoming recognized as the top 3 Hubient ANZ hosts for the month of May! If you’ve got time to spare, drop by and say hello to these beauties during their livestream or PKs.

HUBient Talents

The month of May has been a sweet ride for Nikki. By sweet, we meant that Nikki made the month of May her sweet tooth craving month with all her sweet food reviews. For Kitty, cooking recipes were the highlights along with some travel and product vlogs. Want to be one of our Vloggers? Want to feature your product in our reviews? Get in touch with us!

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Check out these Hubient Talents 1st week of June 2021 video uploads:

We welcome our newest addition to the HUBient talents Channel Vloggers, Natisa, a Fitness professional. Maybe you’d want to request some workout exercise routine or tips, just comment on the video so she can see.

Check out her “NATISA: GET TO KNOW” video here:

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HUBient ESports

HUBient ESports finishes of the Month of May with a big bang with Hubient Esports Mobile Legends Bang Bang Invitational Cup 2021 with more than a total of 215,000 viewers during the championship. Casters tandem that hosted the tournament were “Yuuko and Honeglaze” for the first half, and the tandem that made a huge impact for the second half to finish of the tournament, “Manjean and Sh1nboo” or more popularly known as the “Manjeanboo” tandem. Stay tuned for the next tournament by the end of June!

Check out the whole tournament replay here:

Check out the tournament video highlights here:

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MrFrog Hubient

MrFrog Hubient YouTube Channel launches its first videos with Resident Evil 8 Village gameplay review, Biomutant first imppressions, Maneater first impression, Number 1 ML Player of Hubient, and the Number 1 Dota 2 player of Hubient.

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Hubient shop had a great success for the month of May with the Payday Sale and Kumu Shop sale with Mai and Dale Drilon. HUBient merchandise and other items flew off the shelves with success and we are looking forward to more events and sales to come! For the month of June 2021, here is the following schedule for Hubient Shop sales that you need to mark up on your calendar:

June 6-7, 2021: 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

June 12, 2021: Independence Day Sale

June 20, 2021: Father’s Day Sale

June 30, 2021: Payday Sale

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International shipping available